Welcome to Cumulus Wellbeing where we are here for you, both when on the ground and when in the sky.

I’m Amanda, your Mental Health & Wellness Mentor and me and my team are really pleased you are here.

Cumulus Wellbeing has been created to bring you wellbeing support to all areas of your life including physical, mental, emotional, social & environmental.

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is defined as the experience of good health & happiness alongside being comfortable and secure.  It includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, emotional wellness and the ability to manage stress.

By working closely with aviation professionals, I understand the importance of good wellbeing and the potential impact it has on your enjoyment, safety and performance when preparing for, and taking to the skies.

My promise to you is to provide helpful tools, with guidance and support that you will benefit from in all areas of your lives.

Within Cumulus Wellbeing, you will find helpful & insightful articles, alongside wellbeing checklists & assessments, and most exciting of all regular talks/webinars and workshops you can attend.

Finally, in addition to this invaluable content and expert led resources, I am also building a team of complementary therapists, which you can have direct access to, with regular special offers & discounts.

I’m very happy to be here, and look forward to connecting with you all.

Amanda Forster-Searle

Aviation Mental Health & Wellness Mentor

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Amanda Forster-Searle is a Mental Health & Wellness Mentor specialising in mental health & recovery, stress, anxiety, work/life balance, workplace wellness strategy & assessments, nutrition, physical wellbeing, mental resilience & confidence.

Amanda is also a public speaker, radio & podcast presenter and retreat host and is registered with the Complementary Medical Association.

The Cumulus Club is a trading name of Runway Media UK Ltd which is registered in England and Wales under Company Number: 13165893 | VAT Registration No: GB 373 2355 01
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