Welcome to The Cumulus Club

Our platform is dedicated to the aviation industry, its pilots and the businesses that make us a great community. The buying trends of individuals around the world has been changing over the years with the rise in expectation of grabbing a bargain or an incredible special offer, and now we are excited to bring those opportunities to the aviation industry.

Pilots and future pilots take on average 40 minutes to an hour to get to their nearest airfield or the airfield of choice sometimes, as it’s the closest one to them or because it has something the others don't have, be it a hard or grass runway and even down to a cafe or restaurant. The fact is, people choose their school and airport based on many different factors.

The likes of Groupon, Quidco and other discount code sites offer massive discounts for businesses to attract and retain more business or market share. 

Here at The Cumulus Club, membership is very low cost but is packed full of support, benefits, savings and discounts for everyone in, or interested in the aviation industry.

We offer our members the opportunity to save money from landings, training, on site cafes and rental among many others.

Free Landing fee vouchers are great if you want to go to that airfield, however in some cases these airfields have nothing to offer other than a free landing. Our partners offer their services for free or for a discount to give you a reason to visit and be able to do more as a pilot.

Here are some of the benefits that you can find with The Cumulus Club

The Cumulus Club is proud to confirm that it does not offer affiliate links, commissions, kickbacks or takes any payment for the partners listed on this site.  Our commitment to our members is to be very transparent on this front, as all of our listed partners retain 100% of any sales made through The Cumulus Club.

We believe in focusing on helping the aviation industry to grow.

The Cumulus Club is a trading name of Runway Media UK Ltd which is registered in England and Wales under Company Number: 13165893 | VAT Registration No: GB 373 2355 01
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