Welcome to The Cumulus Club Partner Registration Page.

Below you will find the really simple process of how to register alongside some useful Frequently Asked Questions too.

The Cumulus Club was set up with the aviation industry in mind, to bring more business to airfields, airports and related aviation and non-aviation businesses as a whole.

As a direct result we offer value to our members with a reason to explore, go further and experience what it is we all enjoy - flying and meeting other likeminded individuals.

It is FREE to Join as a Partner

So here are some great facts about The Cumulus Club and why it just makes sense to be involved as a Partner...

·       It is FREE to join

·       We don't take any commissions

·       We do not operate affiliate linking

·       We do not tell you what to offer, when or how much - that’s your business

·       We give you and your business FREE advertising when we advertise The Cumulus Club

·       We do not sign you up to any contract, you are free to come and go as and when you like

·       We allow you to add as many offers, discounts and freebies as you like

·       Plus much more

Unlike many other services which may charge you a commission or a fee to advertise, we are not here to take the profits from your business. We love small businesses and we love aviation and it makes just great sense to support you.

So, I really guess the question is... Why would you not want to join The Cumulus Club?


Do you only offer discounts in the aviation industry?

No. Our members come from all walks of life, in most cases they have full time jobs too. We have partners offering Gym discounts, Optical discounts among many others. If your business can offer value to our members then we would love to chat.

Why is it free to list our services with The Cumulus Club?

Very simple, as a partner you are adding value and giving something back to our member base; Because of that we want to reward you and that is working with The Cumulus Club for no fee.

How do you make your money?

To be straight to the point the platform is paid for by our members, even to that degree we do not charge a fortune for the value & service we provide. The membership pays for the administration and infrastructure mainly as it takes a lot of work and time to manage and market too. 

What do I need to offer?

This is your choice, from free landings, discounted landings to savings on flight training or equipment. Whatever you sell as a business; why not offer something.... It does not have to be massive but something is better than nothing and that really does then give a reason for your business to be visited by new or already qualified pilots.

What will my partner page look like?

All pages are restricted to members only, so your content is exclusively for them. To see an example of how our partner pages look to our members, you can pop on over to our sister company page Touchdown Radio by clicking HERE.

How do I know who are your members?

Our membership runs yearly, all members will be issued with a physical plastic membership card which has their own unique membership number, they would simply show this in person or over the phone when requested. Each card will show the Year of Validity and the Expiry Date (we change the style of card each year and all partners get a proof of what this looks like) - Example card below:

Can I validate a card?

Yes. We are finishing the system that allows you to enter the membership number and will advise you if it is Active, Lost/Stolen or Inactive; However, you can call our Partner Team anytime so they can validate it if needed.

The process to join The Cumulus Club is very simple.  You just need to complete the form below and one of our Onboarding Team will send you the application by email - Once you have completed this you will be asked to supply a logo and will be processed and then added on to our platform.

Partner Application



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The Cumulus Club is a trading name of Runway Media UK Ltd which is registered in England and Wales under Company Number: 13165893 | VAT Registration No: GB 373 2355 01
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